Anna Carow

Anna Carow Photo

We all have those moments when you hear something and it makes you think 'why isn't that person a household name?' and on first hearing Anna that thought resonated throughout Colin's head.

Anna is a Country-Folk & Americana Singer-Songwriter based in San Francisco but currently in the UK for a few months exposing the masses to her debut album, 'City Songs' which was recorded with Grammy award winning producer Malcolm Burns.

Growing up in Texas, Anna learned to play the guitar at an early age and wrote her first songs as a teenager. With musical tastes and interests all over the map, her own songs have always been rooted in the musical and lyrical style of the introspective singer-songwriters of the 60's and 70's and has been described as vocally being ...a blend of Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins and Eva Cassidy all rolled into one.

Anna is spending a year in London promoting the album in and around the UK and it is through this that the IMC became involved with Anna, helping her book several gigs and providing assistance where possible during this time.