Cat Bear Tree

Veering somewhere between DIY punk and indie-pop, Cat Bear Tree pull varied influence from the likes of Sleater-Kinney, Bloc Party, Bikini Kill and Electrelane. Writing and recording together since 2011, Zoe Konez (guitar and vocals), Claudia Mansaray (bass and vocals) and Sarah Smith (drums and vocals) have been busy building a dedicated following, whilst cementing their place in the list of new generation, all-female bands to look out for.

Cat Bear Tree are currently gigging across London and beyond. Favouring a DIY approach, Cat Bear Tree independently released their first single ‘Spaces In Between’ as a digital download on Monday 3rd February 2014. The track shows a darker side to the band’s genre-bending musical style, highlighting their talent for crafting haunting indie rock with some of the best.