Lilac Sheer

Lilac Sheer Photo

Singer/Songwriter Lilac Sheer is an experienced and educated musician, with a musical background that spans over 15 years long. She plays guitar, harmonica and piano, and has performed countless times in Israel and abroad.

Lilac began writing and composing songs at the tender age of 10. At 16 she began taking classical ''Bel Canto' singing lessons with maestro Daniel Amarillio, a Julliard Academy graduate, with whom she studied for 4 years. Lilac later served in the Israeli IDF as a lead vocalist in the Air Force band. Upon her release, she took her guitar and moved to Los Angeles for a year, where she performed in local clubs.

Since returning to Israel, Lilac has been performing across the country with her own ensemble, in shows incorporating her original music and Folk & Country classics. She has also released three folk albums: 'A Dove & Beyond', 'Kisses Sweeter than Wine', 'The Carpenters Tribute', and one original album in Hebrew.

Lilac's voice is angelic yet fierce, with a 5-octave range, but she lets her emotional conviction lead the way. Her acting skills and unique talent for different dialects, makes Lilac's performance authentic and moving in any language, genre or era.

In June of 2013, Lilac decided to pull a complete 180 degree turn, sell all of her stuff, leave her entire life behind and move to London to promote her new Nashville recorded Country-Rock album, fittingly titled: 'A Different Country', in the strong belief that love is always free and that following your dreams in search of love and happiness, will set your soul free.