Meryl & A Bit Of Yellow

Meryl & A Bit Of Yellow Photo

Merel van der Wielen aka Meryl & A Bit Of Yellow is one of those performers that has to be seen to be fully appreciated and never has the phrase 'never judge a book by it's cover' been more apt.

With her youthful looks and childlike dream lyrics and aspirations, you could be fooled in to believing she lacks in maturity but her control, poise and delivery onstage leave you in no doubt that this is merely an illusion.

Described as having 'the power of Johnny Cash (receiving a personal message of praise for her cover of 'Ring Of Fire' from Steve Kilgore, son of the co-writer of the song, Merle Kilgore) and the freshness of Regina Spektor', Meryl has the ability to leave an entire room entranced throughout her entire set (we know, we have witnessed it!)

Her debut EP 'Chance' is sung partly in English, partly in Dutch but language is almost irrelevant. All 5 tracks have their own beautiful fragility which adds to their charm.

Earlier this year we worked with Merel and Kata Hay in association with Open Door Records in regards to booking of their UK tour along with Lilac Sheer. We have also confirmed Merel for several shows with Roxanne de Bastion around Holland.