Roxanne de Bastion

Roxanne de Bastion Photo

The Berlin born, London based alternative folk princess Roxanne de Bastion is a force unto herself.

Roxanne's journey started when she set out on her own, leaving her home town Berlin for London, equipped only with her guitar and a one-way ticket in 2007. Not knowing anyone in London, Roxanne started playing at as many open mic nights, bars and music venues as she could, travelling throughout the country via bus and train in order to play her songs to as many people as possible. Determination and hard work is paying off and Roxanne now tours regularly throughout the UK, Germany and the United States.

Roxanne's compositions and live shows are incredibly varied in dynamism and style, ranging from intimate, lifting anti-folk to raw 60's blues-rock. Her songwriting is influenced just as much by her travels and experiences as an independent musician as it is by her musical heroes John Lennon, Ray Davies, Bob Dylan, and Judee Sill.

We have worked with Roxanne in a small way, assisting in booking gigs in mainland Europe as part of her 2014 tour and securing her future involvement in the top secret 'Berlin Project'!