Mission Statement

Sometimes paths cross at regular intervals throughout life. That is certainly the case here with Zoe & Colin.

One has a background in promoting, music journalism and general fanboydom and a belief that you should go balls out because anything can happen! The other is a well travelled creative musician both in bands and on her own as well as running successful music showcases for emerging talents. The one mutual passion they share is for the artists they love and respect, a need to do something beyond the 'expected' in a scene saturated with poor promoters, worse payoffs and an industry that promises so much yet often delivers so little.

After a meeting on a cold & wet Southbank it was agreed that they should do something about it... and that is how the idea of The Independent Music Collective came about. We are not about the fame and fortune, glitz and glamour or even the recognition or prestige. There is no ego or vanity here. What we want to do is help to push those we have the belief in, however we can, whenever we can. If this comes from helping to arrange individual gigs or full tours, suggesting merchandising options, trying to obtain media coverage or advising on specific songs or suggestions to improve live sets, we have no 'hard & fast' job description. If it helps the artist then we will throw ourselves in to it. We don't want to impede your creative side, we want to do what we can to embrace it. This is not about trying to build up a massive portfolio of clients and put half-arsed efforts in to them. If we work with you it is because you have two fans and as any musicians know, those truly dedicated fans can make all kind of things happen! If we do decide to work with you what we ask from your side is very simple: respect. We want like minded individuals to join us. We are working WITH you, not FOR you. This is not a dictatorship, for either side. We want everyone to have fun with this, but realism sometimes dictates.

We will no doubt all have jobs, and timings may not always allow for a reply to an e-mail in 30 seconds but the wait will be worth it, we can pretty much guarantee that. It is very simple to expect the world but those who are willing to work for it are harder to find... believe us, we know! We are not promising you that you will be signed within weeks and headlining Glasto! Hell, we are not even saying that every gig you get will be paid. What we are saying is that both Zoe & Colin will be there from the start to the bitter end and you will get honesty throughout.

This is our agenda. This is our word. This is our life. Are you part of it?